Oct 162010

Regina Holliday, a muralist and advocate for health care improvement, talks about her painting “Bridging the Great Divide” between L-mode and R-mode thought as applied to Healthcare 2.0.

The talk and painting depend a bit on the context of the conference where Regina is speaking, however I really liked this bit at at 3m50s about Gorilla Glass:

“Gorilla Glass… was sitting in a vault in Corningware since 1962, waiting for technology to catch up. And that’s what you guys are doing right now, you’re the catch-up. All these amazing things are out there that you need to embrace and teach us how to use correctly…

…Can you walk on glass? Can you take a step forward when you don’t know what’s supporting you? Do you have faith in the technology that you are speaking about, even if you cannot see it, nor prove it, nor say that its currently effective, can you convince others about how it’s going to change absolutely everything?”

I think there’s a message here for the #sgphx folks. I know I certainly am taking it to heart.

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