Oct 162011

I recently spent a day helping the leadership of an organization make the leap from “can we become Agile?” to “now we’re becoming Agile!”  The problem was one of mindset: getting people to think less about barriers and more about what actions are possible.  My solution involved hands-on experiential learning and structured group debriefing. I’ve […]

Sep 302011

At Agile Coach Camp I conducted a small session on balancing advocacy with inquiry when debriefing or trying to defuse tense situations.  Olaf Lewitz gave a very kind write up of the session (with pictures!) in his blog post Test-Driven Conversations and explains the learning he took away from the session.  Thanks, Olaf — and I […]

Jul 172011

What is luxury? Fine food, fine wine Different lands, different people, different tongues Water, sand, sun, sky: Nature in all Her splendour. Servants and service, our ev’ry whim Fulfilled – Singers, dancers, masseurs, chefs A multitude of choices arrayed To delight and dazzle us Confounding our inner judge Drowning out its strident Admonitions: “You may […]

Oct 162010

Regina Holliday, a muralist and advocate for health care improvement, talks about her painting “Bridging the Great Divide” between L-mode and R-mode thought as applied to Healthcare 2.0. The talk and painting depend a bit on the context of the conference where Regina is speaking, however I really liked this bit at at 3m50s about […]

Sep 222010

Rebecca Porterfield asks “can Agile work in a culture of single point accountability?”  The question stumped a panel discussion.  Too bad I wasn’t there, I’d have been able to give the usual pricey consultant answer:  “It depends.” (cue laugh track) In all seriousness, it depends on what you mean by “work.”  I personally have very […]

Sep 092010

I had sent an “attaboy” email to one of the developers on my team for doing a great job in communicating and being visible to the rest of the team.  (Don’t punish bad behavior, “catch” and encourage good behavior, right?)  Not having previously received encouragement for anything less than heroics, the developer was perplexed upon […]

Sep 062010

So, I’ll be participating in Scrum Beyond Software in Phoenix later this September. I have a bubbling head full of ideas to share there, and as a collaboration junkie, I’m making them visible for comment.  Suggestions? Criticisms?  Want to join me in Phoenix and collaborate?  Leave a comment! Topic 1 — Science: A Framework to […]

Apr 182010

Looks like I’m going to be on a panel.  Come join us and heckle me. :) Who:         Panel Discussion What:        “Will Any Letters Get Me The Job?” When:       Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 6 PM CST Where:      Omicron-USA, 8725 W. Higgins, Suite 450   Chicago, IL (near O’Hare) (map) Featured Topic: What is […]