Feb 232017

My friend Scott Barnes tagged me about this article on factors affecting pilots’ decisions to land. Scott’s share of this article reminds me of one more way in which my training as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor influences my business consulting practices. In aviation, we don’t think of an aborted landing as merely a landing that […]

Sep 232016

No, even though 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I’m not talking about James T. Kirk and the starship Enterprise. I’m talking about Captain James A. Kirk and the USS Zumwalt, America’s “largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer.” The Zumwalt grabbed my attention when it was commissioned earlier this month because not only is it larger, more powerful, and stealthier than current destroyers, […]

Sep 222016

In the previous section, we explored how technology can potentially free up capability. On a high-tech destroyer or in cyber-security, tech can “raise the game” of people in the enterprise. Technology offers tireless, rapid, low-variance behavior. That doesn’t necessarily mean more intelligent behavior. Lesson 2. Automation Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient One of my first jobs was loading magnetic […]

Sep 212016

In “Same Sheet, Different Data“, we saw how subordinating human intelligence to technology is a failure to “raise the game.” The story of the Zumwalt highlights another opportunity of work in the 21st century: raising the game means that much of traditional management effort is waste. Lesson 3. Reduce the Wasted Effort of Traditional Management Technology on […]

Sep 202016

Leaders of 21st-century enterprises can learn a few things from Captain James A. Kirk’s brand-new stealth destroyer and her crew. Consider the similarities. Technology can raise everyone’s game and provide more information, faster. Automation can free humans from rote, mechanical work to do human, thinking work. There’s less room — less time — for overhead and waste. More than ever, performance of the enterprise depends on individual people working […]

Apr 242015

Googling, I discovered that the folks over at XCeleratePartners blogged about an Innovation Games for Product Development course I taught in Houston. That was gratifying. But what was truly gratifying was their write-up about the course (and here’s part 2). Go check it out. You’ll see some excellent details on how the games are played, which one to […]