May 182017
On Time

My mother is going to laugh a lot at the fact that I’m writing this post, even if she’ll never admit it to me.  The idea that her son — who always used to get home late, sometimes knocking over the pots and pans that his father had set up against the door to announce […]

Dec 152016
Ben Thompson on Setting the Floor

The rules of the post-WWII economy are becoming less relevant. Ben Thompson offers a view of what we could hope will replace it: …instead of trying to recreate a 1950s fantasy of employment for life on an assembly line, the goal should be to create a far more dynamic labor market with a defined floor […]

Sep 232016
Leadership Lessons from James Kirk's Stealth Destroyer

No, even though 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I’m not talking about James T. Kirk and the starship Enterprise. I’m talking about Captain James A. Kirk and the USS Zumwalt, America’s “largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer.” The Zumwalt grabbed my attention when it was commissioned earlier this month because not only is it larger, more powerful, and stealthier than current destroyers, […]

Sep 222016
Same Sheet, Different Data (Lessons from James Kirk's Stealth Destroyer)

In the previous section, we explored how technology can potentially free up capability. On a high-tech destroyer or in cyber-security, tech can “raise the game” of people in the enterprise. Technology offers tireless, rapid, low-variance behavior. That doesn’t necessarily mean more intelligent behavior. Lesson 2. Automation Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient One of my first jobs was loading magnetic […]

Sep 202016
Team Skills Needed (Lessons from James Kirk's Stealth Destroyer)

Leaders of 21st-century enterprises can learn a few things from Captain James A. Kirk’s brand-new stealth destroyer and her crew. Consider the similarities. Technology can raise everyone’s game and provide more information, faster. Automation can free humans from rote, mechanical work to do human, thinking work. There’s less room — less time — for overhead and waste. More than ever, performance of the enterprise depends on individual people working […]